CENTER HARBOR — The Waukewan Ladies League is continuing with league play under clear skies. The game on June 19 was two best low nets on the back nine par fours.

The winning team of Laurie Fox, Fran Howe, Carol Hazel and Lorraine Rosenblatt posted an impressive 37. The team of Val Langbehn, Paulette O’Hearn, Lyn Seley and Michelle Adams followed with a close second with a 39. Great playing on the challenging back nine, ladies!

There were two contest holes. Denise Doyle was not to be beaten. She had the longest drive on hole 17 and put her ball closest to the pin on her second shot on hole 12! What a competitor!

Lorraine Rosenblatt and Donna Lemay both had chipins on hole 10, not an easy feat on this challenging hole. The quest for birdies continues with three gals meeting the goal. Carol Ashton made her bird on hole 15; Laurie Fox birdied hole 12 and Jane Bowie captured hers on hole 11! Way to go, girls!

Several ladies had scores of 50 and below. Scoring 50 were Paulette O’Hearn, Linda Ridlon and Barbara Saimond.  Jan Pano, Betsy Cox, Sue Connolly and Jane Bowie shot 48. Denise Doyle and Laurie Fox had a pair of 47s. Gerry McGillicuddy was hitting her stride with a 44. Leading the field with a great score of 42 was Teri Ponn! Great scores, ladies!

The ever-popular 50-50 raffle was won by Sue Connolly. A great afternoon for the Ladies League at Waukewan!

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