Building a house is a big part of the American dream. We think when you decide to include propane in those plans, you can transform a house into a home that anyone will love for years to come. Many of a home's major systems perform better with gas energy, so you will not only enjoy greater comfort, but you will also see lower energy bills, too.

Maybe you aren’t looking to build, but you are looking to remodel your current home. When you upgrade with propane during a renovation, you can transform your house into your dream home by combining incredible comfort and performance, with high efficiency and lower energy bills. Why? Because propane can power the kind of high-end, high-performance appliances you want in your upgraded living spaces. Propane is not only a clean-burning and environmentally-friendly fuel, but it also keeps working when the electricity goes out, which is important here in New England.

Now, if you are thinking, “wait, I thought propane was just for my grill?” you are not alone. Propane is versatile and a great energy source for your home inside and out. It can be your home’s heating supply, power your water heater, and fuel your stove, fireplace, and even your dryer. The applications don’t stop there, we have you covered if you are looking for outdoor fun, too. Just think about the added family fun that comes along with extending pool season a few more weeks or sitting around a propane-powered firepit. Last but not least, propane standby generators are a reliable way to protect your home and family from the disruption and inconvenience a power outage can cause.

Propane is good for the environment, locally and globally, and has positive impacts on the earth, too.

Did you know that a 500-gallon tank can hold enough propane to meet the annual energy needs of an average single-family home? One of our favorite attributes is that propane is electric grid-free, making it a valuable energy partner to keep the power on at solar and wind generation facilities when the sun does not shine, or the wind does not blow. When your home is warmed with propane, you are helping to prevent deforestation by replacing solid fuels such as wood and coal. Perhaps most important, the flexibility of propane storage makes it easy to install in virtually any environment without disrupting sensitive habitats – a win for furry and feathered friends.

Globally, more than four million people die annually in developing countries due to indoor air pollution from cooking with solid fuels like wood and dung, which is more than the deaths from malaria, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis combined. The Cooking for Life campaign has a goal of transitioning one billion people from cooking with dirty fuels to clean-burning propane.

Propane’s versatility is why over 12 million U.S. households use it for a variety of energy applications. As we prepare for another New England winter, we reflect on how propane is good for you and mother earth when you want to stay warm and comfortable. With that, we will leave you with this last thought — propane can help lead the world toward a low-carbon future while meeting your energy needs.


Your local home builders association is your best resource to find a member, hire a local professional or join the National Association of Home Builders. To learn more about Lakes Region Builders & Remodelers Association, visit

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