LACONIA — Two large medical office buildings located at 724 and 734 N. Main Street in Laconia have recently changed ownership. Concord Hospital/Laconia will continue to operate their multi-specialty clinic, obstetrics, and gynecology practices in these two adjacent landmark buildings. Constructed in 1937, The Laconia Clinic building has served the medical needs of surrounding communities for decades. Now, with Concord Hospital operating the facility, it's certain to continue for many more.

Bruce Labranche of Roche Realty Group in Meredith represented the buyer, Yankton Property CHL, 724 and 734 LLC, in acquiring these two properties in the heart of downtown Laconia which have active leases in place with Concord Hospital. The seller of the property was Laconia Clinic Properties, Inc., represented by Laura Gamache of KW Metropolitan. The closing was held at Wescott Law in Laconia, with Attorney Sarah N. Rubury.

The principal of Yankton property, John Anderson, commented, "My family is pleased to be investing in the Laconia community and in particular in a health care provider whose doctors have continuously provided crucial clinical care to the Lakes Region at these locations for decades. We are proud to be associated with Concord Hospital/Laconia and look forward to a long relationship with them."

According to Bruche Labranche of Roche Realty Group, "the 724 N. Main Street building, where the clinic is located, includes 28,373 square feet. This three-story brick medical office building has 95 exam rooms and offices. There are 12 reception and work station areas, six waiting rooms, 21 bathrooms, 900 square feet designated employee space, x-ray, lab, and pharmacy areas." Labranche commented, "The paved parking area on 2.26 acres is huge and includes 145 parking spaces with easy entrance and exit. The building's contemporary portico and expansive glass windows present a pleasing architectural feel. The second building, 734 N. Main Street, where the obstetrics and gynecology practices are located, is an attractive brick building with wood accents, lots of windows and includes 9,538 square feet with two stories and offers an additional 15 parking spaces."

According to Frank Roche of Roche Realty Group, "this was the highest-priced commercial sale for 2021, for the 25 towns and cities throughout the Lakes Region. It's another indication of Laconia's impressive growth moving forward. There's great momentum with many changes in ownership and substantial investments being made within Laconia… the city is in a great place right now. When Concord hospital announced the acquisition of Lakes Region General Hospital, it was very exciting and well-received news for our communities. Concord Hospital has a tremendous reputation statewide and is now a major asset for Lakes Region. We are very fortunate to have them in our backyard."

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