A Household Quiz

It’s time for another real estate related quiz centering around some common and otherwise once common household items.

1.       What did John Crapper invent in the late 19th century?  A. The toilet B. The ballcock C. The shuttlecock D. The petcock

2.       A threshold was meant to: A. compensate for uneven flooring B. Keep straw in the house C. Trip Indians

3.       What did Henry Seeley invent in the 1820’s” A. The steam iron B. The vacuum cleaner C. the modern mattress D. The radiator

4.       Who invented the air conditioner? A. Bill Rheem   B. George Westinghouse    C. LL Cool J    D. Willis Carrier

5.       Who invented the first radiator? A. Frans San Galli    B. Franz Ferdinand   C. Franz Schubert   D. Dennis Franz

6.       The first patent for a doorknob was applied for in 1878.  Who applied for that patent?

         A. Osbourn Dorsey   B. Thomas Dorsey    C. Thomas Edison   D. Ozzie Osbourn

7.       Speaking of Thomas Edison, where was the first house in America to be electrified by a centrally located power plant?

        A. Detroit, Michigan   B. Appleton,  Wisconsin   C. Menlo Park, NJ   D. Portsmouth, NH

8.       What item used on battleships made its way into just about every home? A. portholes   B. smoke detectors   C. linoleum   D. fuses

9.       An oilcloth is:  A. a way to protect your carpets while painting   B. used to wipe kerosene lamps off   C. used to make torches   D. a precursor to linoleum

10.   Tin ceilings were originally used because: A. they were cheaper than plaster  B. they were attractive   C. they were easy to clean   D. they last longer than plaster

Please feel free to visit www.DistinctiveHomesNH.com  to learn more about the Lakes Region real estate market and sign up for our monthly newsletter. Data compiled using the NEREN MLS.  Roy Sanborn is a sales associate at Four Seasons Sotheby's International Realty. He can be reached at 603-677-7012.

Answers: 1. No, he didn’t invent the toilet. He invented the ballcock that goes inside it. 2. A threshold originally was used to keep the straw covering a dirt floor inside the house.   3. Henry Seeley invented the steam iron. 4. Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner. 5. Frans San Galli received a patent on the first steam radiator in 1857 in Russia. 6. No, not Ozzie Osbourn, it was Osbourn Dorsey. 7. Appleton, Wis. 8. Linoleum 9. A precursor to linoleum.  10. A, B, C, & D

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