05-24 RE Roche Aerial with Mt. Washington

The Lakes Region of New Hampshire, with the MS Mount Washington.

The good news is out: New Hampshire as a state performed exceptionally well in a US News and World Report survey. In the annual survey of more than 50,000 Americans, US News and World Report ranked all 50 states across 71 metrics in eight categories: Crime and Corrections, Economy, Education, Environment, Fiscal Stability, Healthcare, Infrastructure, and Opportunity. New Hampshire came out number 2 overall out of the 50 states.

Top Tier: Washington 1, New Hampshire 2, Minnesota 3, Utah 4, Vermont 5, Maryland 6, Virginia 7, Massachusetts 8, Nebraska 9, Colorado 10.

On the lower tier: New Mexico 46, West Virginia 47, Mississippi 48, Alabama 49, Louisiana 50.

For the New England region: New Hampshire 2, Vermont 5, Massachusetts 8, Connecticut 21, Rhode Island 26, Maine 32.

New Hampshire fared well in all categories. Under Crime and Corrections, New Hampshire placed first; under Opportunity, New Hampshire placed first; under Environment, New Hampshire placed fourth; Under Education, New Hampshire came in fifth; under fiscal Stability, the state ranked 10th; under Healthcare, we came in at 16th; and under Infrastructure, we placed 31st.

More weight was accorded to some state measures than others based on a survey on what matters most to people. Healthcare and education were weighted most heavily, then came state economies, infrastructure, and the opportunity states offer their citizens. Fiscal stability followed closely in weighting, followed by measures of crime and corrections and a state’s natural environment, according to US News and World Report.

Last year, New Hampshire was ranked fifth in the country, and in 2017, it was ranked second. New Hampshire’s top-tier ranking shows all of us why we live in such a great state with so many award-winning attributes within its inspiring natural environment.

Frank Roche is the president of Roche Realty Group, Inc. with offices in Meredith (603-279-7046) and Laconia (603-528-0088). For more information about the company and to research a wealth of real estate information, see www.RocheRealty.com.

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