OK, "locality" is a bit of a stretch. "Location" seemed too broad but you know how much I love alliteration. The idea is to love your home and keep loving it through the impending winter chill. This week I attacked my bedroom/office. Honestly there was no real reason for it. I was pretty happy with the layout. It was pure boredom. It was time for a new look and I just purchased a shiny new laptop. I figured I should go ahead and change things up in the office while I was at it. Not to mention I really didn't feel like working on a Monday morning.

Change is a funny thing. I really like my "routine" most days. Grind the coffee beans. Do some yoga. Have some breakfast. And take my coffee down to the office and get started. Going on vacation obviously throws that pattern out the window and I love it. A little hiccup in the process is a good time to reflect on the routine and see if there's something that needs changing. Our homes are much the same and how we relate to them can become stale. Today we're going to run through a few suggestions of how to keep your "relationship" with your home fresh and keep things fun and interesting all winter long.

The first thing you can do, just like your friendly author did, is rearrange your furniture. If there are others living with you, I encourage you to do this in the middle of the night while they are sleeping. You score points for every stubbed toe you "hear" the following morning. The beauty of this option is it costs nothing. Some rooms, like your TV room for example, are going to be tough to mix up. The TV is likely attached to the wall or at least located where the cable comes into the house (unless you're fortunate enough to only use the Interwebs like us). That said, you could still swap out the couch and chairs. See how creative you can be in there.

If you have an office or study, moving the furniture around in there is a breeze. Even in my tiny bedroom/office I have at least 2 other spots I can put my desk without having the sun behind me. For bedrooms, just move all of the smaller stuff out into the hallway so you can get a more clear picture of the bed's position. The last time I did this I took off my mattress and just moved the bed frame around the room. It was MUCH easier and wasn't so cumbersome so as to make me not want to try all the options. This is also a fantastic time to vacuum all those spots you never get to! Once you find the new location for the bed, you can start (selectively) re-adding the other pieces. I encourage you to eliminate the stuff you really don't need. Less is certainly more when we're spending more time indoors. (Insert decluttering rant here!)

As much as I don't really want to encourage my readers to spend more time in front of the television, consider upgrading your TV. The reality is we're going to be spending much more time indoors than we normally would during winter. Binge watching your favorite shows and catching all of this season's Tamba Bay games (I just miss TB12!) is going to be more enjoyable if you're watching on a nice big screen. I'm also a fan of video games (I'm cheap and still use an XBox 360) and they are much more fun to play on a life-sized screen.

Consider the small items as well. "Nobody is encouraging you to rush out and buy all new furniture," notes Badger Realty agent, Linda Walker. "Making small changes with area/throw rugs and window coverings can breathe new life into a room and make you smile each time you walk in," she continued. This can be done on the cheap as well. Chances are good that your windows are all similar sizes. You could simply swap curtains between rooms. The same goes for the area rugs as well. Unless the colors of that room prohibit this sort of creativity, you don't have to spend a dime to have fresh styles in all of your rooms.

I'm not a big art guy at all. Partially, I'm guessing, because I can't afford most of it! But if you have art strewn about your home, consider swapping those around and adding some new stuff. My dear friends Jeff and Elaine have clear light switches throughout their home. Every one of them has pictures of their friends and family so they can enjoy them and smile every time they touch a light switch. Consider the thousands of pictures you have taken over the years and get a few of them printed (gasp!). Putting up pictures of friends and family (in small, inexpensive frames) brings a level of love to your home that is second to none. And your peeps will appreciate it when they come visit (you know.. in about 2 years!).

I'm starting to believe the predictions that this virus is going to get a bit worse before it gets better. First and foremost, we should all spend as much time outdoors as possible before it gets too cold to do so. Beyond that, making your home more lovable and fresh will do wonders for your cabin fever. Spend a little time this weekend and make a list of the things you will do to make your house more homey. Happy nesting!

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