A large issue facing the golf industry today is the time it takes to play nine or eighteen holes of golf. Unless you’re on tour and this is your full-time job, the average golfer has a never-ending list of other priorities to be attended to, and this can hinder golfers from having the time to even play as little as nine holes.

            Especially with the cold weather finally here and less daylight each day, you want to be able to golf as quickly as possible. I believe the main reason that rounds of golf take longer than courses’ recommended pace of play are due to a lack in “Ready Golf.” I am not expecting golfers to run in between shots, but I believe they should be expected to play ready golf all the time. Ready Golf refers to players playing their next shots when they are ready to do so, instead of adhering strictly to the farthest from hole plays first stipulation in golf. When you are ready to hit a shot while someone else is still assessing their yardage, why wait? If you ask your playing partners prior to teeing off if they are comfortable with ready golf, there should be no reason to feel you are rude for playing out of turn.

            The change in leaves around the course provide stunning backdrops, but the leaves that have fallen also create many issues when your ball misses the fairway or green. I suggest hitting a provisional golf ball when you think there is a possibility of not finding your golf ball, especially this time of year when your ball can likely be lost in a pile of leaves. This provisional ball will help immensely with pace of play.

No one wants to be on the golf course for five hours when they have other commitments to get to. Think ahead and be ready to play, and you’ll spend less time on the golf course and have more time to spend with family after the round.

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