To The Daily Sun,

Rarely do candidates for local and state office run on campaign promises, except for vague references to being “frugal” or “protecting tax payers.” And most voters are too busy with their jobs, children, family matters and other commitments to pay much attention to what lawmakers are actually spending their time on.

Still, I wonder how many people would vote for a candidate whose first order of business was to co-sponsor a bill, HB-507-FN-A-LOCAL, to eliminate all non-commercial drivers’ licenses, registrations, and inspections on the grounds that vehicles are “household goods” and non-taxable. The bill also recommends that all laws relating to revocation or restriction of non-commercial drivers licenses, for any reason such as driving while intoxicated, be repealed.

Fortunately the bill was deemed “inexpedient to legislate” and then “removed from consent.” Yet three representatives from Belknap County, Aldrich, Howard and Sylvia, seem to believe that this bill, which would cost the state $115,493,240 in lost revenue, is the best way to serve their constituents.

Surely there are much more important priorities other than the Free State agenda of “freedom and no government” (and therefore no government services) on which these gentlemen could be focused. It is important to realize that although freedom is wonderful, total freedom can exist only in a society of one. I feel much safer — and freer — knowing that I am sharing the road with vehicles that, having passed inspection, are safe and with drivers who, having been tested and are legally licensed, are fit to drive. Let us all hope that in the future our state representatives will devote their time to dealing with the many critical issues facing our society.

Dorothy Piquado


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Historically have rights without responsibility been a successful societal model?


Excellent Dorothy! These Free Staters (like Little Ricky Notkin) want to eliminate all regulation so that they can act like a bunch of amped up teenaged boys to run roughshod over the State. They want to make this State unsafe for anyone but themselves. Keep up the good work!!


You would kind of hope they would.


Wow. Such incredibly stupid libertarian types

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