To The Daily Sun,

The so-called "Women’s March" (which refuses to include conservative or pro-life women) has become too extreme even for many of the left-wing activists who run the event at the state level. Virulent anti-Semitism among the organization’s leaders (typified by Linda Sarsour’s statement urging American Muslims not to “humanize” Jews) have led many Women’s March affiliates around the country to cancel their participation in the event.

But not in New Hampshire. Despite involvement from Sarsour, Louis Farrakhan, and other anti-Semitic bigots, local organizers are still promoting the event as an opportunity to protect women's rights. What about Jewish women's rights?

Karen Weinstein and Linda McGrath, members of NH4Israel, say that anti-Semitism is reawakening around the world and is very reminiscent of the 1930s. “It’s a scary time to be a Jew, and it is chilling to see how many of the Women’s March supporters are willing to embrace the anti-Semites who happen to agree with their political views,” she said.

In addition to embracing anti-Semites, Sarsour and Tamika Mallory, Women's March leaders have refused to disavow their leaders association with Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, an organization that has long been known for promoting anti-Semitism.

Women's March organizers in the Granite State need to explain their continued fealty to an organization and ideas that contradict their lip-service not just of equality between the sexes but among all women.

Fran Mendelboe

603 Alliance

New Hampton

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Plenty of anti-Semites here in NH. Being anti-Muslim is ALSO being an anti-Semite. And the Women's March is supposed to be about women's RIGHTS - you already have the right to give birth, but women around the country are being prevented from their right to CHOOSE what they want to do with their body. So please stop your Pro-Birth crapola.

Alan Moon

I think that is from Fran Wendelboe. As usual, JWV is full of it as Israel the ONLY true democracy in the middle east. And every one of their neighbors want to wipe them out because they are Jews.


😂😂😂you got with that!! I’ll be sure to pass your letter along to MANY women on the internet.


Being against Israel is not the same as being anti-Semitic. Israeli apartheid policies are not popular around the world, even among Jewish people because they are antithetical to modern democracy and the modern notions of liberty.


Loonie Moonie likes Bibi Netanyahu because he's another war mongering creep who is as criminal as Trump is.

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