To The Daily Sun,

Two days ago there was a post on my Facebook page “I Miss 9/12.” It went on to say, “I would never ever want another 9/11, but I miss the America of 9/12. Stores ran out of flags to sell because they were being flown everywhere. People were Americans before they were upper or lower class, Jewish or Christian, Republican or Democrat. We hugged each other without caring if they ate at Chick-Fil-A or wore Nikes.”

In light of what our country has been experiencing in the past decade, I have to agree. Will we ever see the genuine patriotism or the reverence for the symbols of our nation displayed on 9/12? Or will we continue to tolerate the degradation of our nation’s history, allow the removal and/or destruction of our national flags and monuments, take offense at every little word uttered by someone we have come to dislike and tolerate the likes of groups that attack and destroy properties of those they don’t like. This is not what it means to be an American. I would like to see the country come together again as we did on 9/12; but for that to happen, I will finish the quote: “On 9/12, what mattered more was what united us, than what divided us.”

Althea Dunscombe

Center Harbor

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