To The Daily Sun,

I have noticed lately that people who have been arrested in Laconia have been given personal recognizance bail on crimes you would think might warrant some sort of security bail.

The Smoker's Haven on Union Ave. was robbed and the person claimed to have a weapon. He later turned himself in and they gave him P.R. bail. This struck me as odd. Armed robbery and you get out on P.R.? Doesn't make sense to me.

Then, today, I read in this paper that a transient,with a lengthy criminal background, shows up to a court hearing for felony charges and is arrested there for riding a stolen $1,800 bike that was taken the night before. This fine individual already was facing felony charges for drug possession and criminal threatening with a deadly weapon. He also failed to appear for other court cases against him.

What the heck is going on? He should be in jail awaiting court. The owner of the bike shop has to clean up the broken glass and repair the damage and this guy is walking around looking for another way to score. Crazy!

Something needs to change. Are our jails so full we have to let criminals like this roam our streets? And we wonder why Laconia has a bad name. Prosecutors need to do their jobs and stop letting people like this walk free.

Sean Holgate


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