To The Daily Sun,

Well It's been two weeks today sense I sent in my last letter to the editor but it appears The Sun has been cutting back on letters for some reason but having every confidence that my letter will appear shortly, I'll send in my most recent thoughts on events and hope they get printed a little sooner.

The city of miracles does it again. Chicago, famous for long dead voters rising from their graves on election days to assure that the party long in power there stays in power, has given Jessie Smollett a pass on his phony accusations of an assault by two white Trump supporters. In spite of the overwhelming evidence, the Cook County attorney general is declining prosecution. Wonder who greased her palm? Me too. Not often if ever have I agree with Rom Emanuel but he and the Chicago Police Chief are both steamed. Preferential treatment to a black celebrity at work here and bet no serious investigation will ever see daylight. But hey, it's Chicago were anything can be fixed with enough grease.

Two weeks ago I went to hear Mr. Azzi at the Laconia Public library, to whom you can ask any question about Islam to which he will sell you sunshine, lolly pops and rainbows. Ask anything meaningful though and he deflects his answer to accuse all fault to bigots, Islamophobia or Trump supporters. And did readers know that, according to Mr. Azzi, white supremacists are responsible for 80 percent of all terrorist attacks in the U.S.?

Funny I missed the headlines about the death toll these alleged terrorist committed. Or do they just count bumper stickers displaying confederate flags? Not at all lethal, even if tasteless. To my thinking, Mr. Azzi injects all this into his presentation in order to install a political element into what should be a moral issue. Given that in 2018 almost 23,000 unarmed, innocent people were victims worldwide of Islamic terrorism, real death and dismemberment terrorism I really think bumper stickers are not the issue here. As for Islamophobia, why shouldn't people be concerned?

Have to wonder if the Democratic Party is ever going to grow a spine and sanction Rep. Ilhan Omar, who after her anti-Semitic rants a little while back was a speaker at Islamic Relief USA's secretly fund-raising for Islamic groups tied to terrorism. This was a closed event with zero news reporters allowed; how come? Something to hide? IR USA is long said to support organizations such as Hamas, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR by the way, is an un-indicted co conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial in which five of it's leaders were convicted of providing material support to Hamas. (You know readers, the 9-11 towers attack.) Omar should be known by the company she keeps and most recently she announced that she hates America and felt safer in a refugee camp with all Muslims. Can anyone imagine what would happen to any white person who said anything similar?

Steve Earle 


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