To The Daily Sun,

I guess when Barnum & Bailey closed the circus for good, the Lakes Region became a sanctuary community for some of it clowns. No one — no one — denies that there are Islamist extremists doing awful things around the world — why don’t you, Steve Earle, take your blinders off and research the mass shootings and other mayhem right here in the U.S.? Committed by U.S. citizens against U.S. citizens, and sometimes a veteran as well. Fake news, right? That portrait of Trump next to your computer must be an inspiration for mediocrity. You insist that people apologize to others for speaking their mind — just like YOU do — who do you think you are, anyway? My vote is the village idiot.

Keep in mind your own words: “ I try to explain my views...” The key word here is “try”. When will you realize that you don’t even remotely have that ability? After a thousand letters to the Sun? No one is listening to you except your fan club of three. Okay, maybe four. There may be more, but they won’t come out of their bug out bunkers to get the paper to read your stuff. You know, too many Muslims and Socialist Dems here in N.H. to scare em’.

This is futile, but — loosen your MAGA hat if you can and try to be even remotely insightful and aware of the world around the bubble that is you and computer. You would recognize — maybe — that the same attitude you claim was given by Mr. Azzi at his talk “Ask a Muslim Anything” is one that every Trump fanboy and groupie gives anyone that disagrees, presents facts that haven’t been culled from InfoWars, or picks on poor, poor Donald Trump. Your warped world view musings would be better suited at the Weirs Times, where everyone is in agreement all the time.

Don’t think so? The letters that follow from the local know-it-all’s in The Sun after any opinion that doesn’t give our Idiot Prez glory proves it. Links, CAPS, and “the truth” come flowing like a backed-up toilet. Can you afford a plumber, or do you really like the stench? You don’t have to answer, it was rhetorical. But you probably have more “facts” to set us all straight, and you clearly need the attention, which is why you’re compelled and arrogant enough to write a letter every week thinking people really give a hoot about what you say. With all of those letters, you actually COULD publish a work of fiction just like your hero did, because there’s no one that actually became rich reading “The Art of The Deal” — except for Trump. The rest were just suckers — like today.

I’m glad the paper is “free”, because I wouldn’t actually pay for it knowing your nonsense is going to be in it.

Michael Sweet


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