To The Daily Sun,

Thanksgiving Day is still a national holiday in the United States, right? So where is the holiday ads and merchandise other than a few turkey-themed items? Where is the ones that thank God? CBS News correspondent Andy Rooney said "The trouble is, there's no money in Thanksgiving for businesses."

Besides the age of entitlement we live in, it's also exhibited when retailers during Christmas and Easter shove aside Jesus Christ, discarding Him in favor of the secular traditions. Some even try to suppress their conscience on Thanksgiving that tells them God deserves their gratitude, by calling it Turkey Day instead. It's the same as calling Easter and Christmas "festivals" or "X-Mas" or saying "Happy Holidays..

Truly today many forget about God, unless they want something from Him or need to use His name to curse with. What do you think would happen if God stopped blessing us because we didn't want to take the time to thank Him?

Len Hanley


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Common Sense

I wonder what the reaction would be to a letter I would like to write to the editor; one that is practically the opposite of yours in every way. I think religion is not only a waste of time, but is detrimental to true happiness and world peace. I think society is less hostile to your proselytizing than it is to mine.


Good for you truly, write in please. I love reading the religion views by all. Being a catholic I find some quite interesting. 🤙🏻




There is no God


And Halloween is a devil holiday, same guy!!!

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