Students deserve to feel safe in schools, and adults should do everything possible to keep them safe. The State is spending millions of dollars for bullet-proof glass and surveillance cameras. For almost no cost, we can add another layer of protection. We can make it a crime to bring a gun onto school grounds.

We already have a state law that applies to students. In most cases, a student who brings a gun to school must be expelled for a year, but there is no state law that applies to adults.

There is a federal law. The 1990 Gun-Free School Zones Act prohibits guns on school grounds, but includes exemptions for police and security personnel. These exemptions are straight forward, but the exemption related to general citizens is not.

Under the federal law, an individual with a state license to possess a firearm may carry it into a school zone, provided the state’s licensure process included verification by law enforcement that the person is qualified. How this provision applies to New Hampshire is anybody’s guess. Another murky area not even mentioned in the federal law is license reciprocity agreements between states.

If you think communities can enact their own gun-free school zone laws, think again. According to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office, cities and towns have no authority to enact gun prohibitions, only the State Legislature has that authority. Local police don’t even have the authority to enforce the federal law. (“NH AG: School Bans Unlawful” Valley News, January 28, 2018)

Gun laws and attitudes about guns differ greatly state-to-state. In recognition of this fact, the federal law includes the uncommon provision that state gun-free school zone laws will always take precedence (i.e. supersede the federal law). Congress hoped states would enact their own laws, and forty-seven states have done so. Wyoming, Hawaii and New Hampshire have not.

It’s time for New Hampshire Republicans and Democrats to put aside party differences. Tell candidates of both parties for Governor, State Senate and State House that you want them to work together and pass a state gun-free school zone law. Tell them to do it for the children.

Sallie Fellows, Democrat for House of Representatives


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Could you explain exactly how making another law would in any way possible prevent someone from shooting up a school ? Last time I checked selling heroin was illegal and I'm not seeing any dealers retiring because it's against the law. Anyway can you site a single school shooting in New Hampshire that was done by a law biding concealed weapons permit carrying resident. Fact is , I these new laws you want to enact don't effect criminals , they could care less if its illegal or not their gonna do what they want regardless if it's legal or not , it effects the responsible law abiding citizens like myself . So in turn you want to strip me of the freedom of being able to defend my family , myself and other people all because you have this insane idea that it it's illegal it just won't happen anymore , I'm sorry but if you believe this then the last thing you need is any kind of government decision making.


Stay away from me. You can have lunch with the Moon below. You think your a hero and your not. He thinks because you put up a sign it encourages shooting. God, listen to your selves or better yet listen to those kids!


Trust me I tend to keep a very safe distance from people who lack any common sense , so your pretty safe from being around me . Who said anything about being a hero ? I said why strip me of the the right to be able to defend myself and my family . How does that equate to me calling myself a hero ? I do listen to the kids , I listen to my kids. I was fortunate enough to serve in this country military and get to pass some of my experience and skills onto my children , they are well taught on how to protect themselves because remember when seconds counts the police are only minutes away . As far as your comment to moon about the magical powers that you believe those signs hold , I know I'm waisting my time providing some facts for you because again I can tell you lack any common sense but here's some info on just how good those signs work

Alan Moon

the great majority of all mass shootings happen in 'gun free zones'. Why? Because the kind of person who would do such a thing is a coward, encouraged by the idea that no body will shoot back.


Omg do you ever listen to anything other than that small little voice in your head?

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