To The Daily Sun,

I just want to say I enjoy reading the letters in The Sun. I really like Mr. Ewing, Marc Abear Richard Gerken Mr. Forrester and Tony Boutin.

Richard Tjaden, Mrs.Burke and especially Diane Di Biaso, regarding Hoon Nowack: It was a beautiful letter and yes I believe he is a hero going through tough times because of the things he has seen in combat. Thank you for your kind words, Diane,may God bless you and your family always. it would be nice to see more people being positive and not throwing stones at others. Some people do nothing but bad mouthing others."Whoever is without sin throw the first stone" and let us all "MAKE AMERCA GREAT AGAIN"TRUTH & JUSTICE" and do something good today. It was so nice to see someone standing up for another; we need more people like Diane DiBiaso.

Mary Renzi


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