To The Daily Sun,

This a follow up to my earlier letter in early March discussing the naïveté and lack of basic economic knowledge of the Democratic leadership and members of our legislature. Now that the House has passed its budget on a straight party-line vote without Republican support while ignoring the Governor’s proposed budget and funding ideas, it’s time to remind our legislators that they work for us. In their eagerness and haste to tax and spend, our Democratic legislators are forgetting that they are subject to recall by voters next year. It happened after the LLC tax fiasco 10 years ago and it can happen again.

It is time for saner heads to prevail, hopefully in the Senate, to craft a realistic budget that is beneficial to our residents but at the same time is fiscally responsible. Suspending legislatively planned and enacted business tax cuts, which have raised revenues, sends the wrong and confusing message to businesses about how stable and welcoming our business climate is. Ignoring the Governor’s dual-state voluntary family leave plan in favor of a mandatory family leave plan with a mandatory payroll withholding tax, is in fact a state income tax. Adding a 5 percent tax on capital gains also is another tax on income. I wish to remind our legislators that the “pledge” sets New Hampshire apart from our state neighbors and is another reason why, in addition to scenic beauty and quality of life, that many, including retirees, choose to call New Hampshire home.

I’ve lived in New York, Connecticut, and Illinois, and have watched those states become fiscally irresponsible through reckless tax and spending policies. Connecticut, with its wealth of revenues, especially from gambling, is now looking for “revenue enhancements” via new road tolls and applying sales tax to professional billing fees. Illinois’ new Democratic governor now wants to amend the state constitution to convert the flat-rate income tax into a graduated-rate income tax. Is it any wonder that those two states have the highest exodus rates of population in the country, along with California? What happened to Connecticut and Illinois can happen here with a “snowball effect” of fiscally irresponsible taxation and spending.

Finally, although many of us are volunteers and active participants within our communities, we have the ability to relocate to other states that are more fiscally responsible and tax-friendly. Maybe our legislators should remember that fact while crafting legislative policies. 

Richard R. Gerken


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