To The Daily Sun,

Daily Sun reporter Rick Green must have been born yesterday, or asleep, through the eight years of Obama to write, "President Barack Obama'a administration did not have the scandals of the Trump era" in his bio on Eddie Edwards. Really? Are ya kiddin' me? I guess you don't count Fast & Furious, the IRS, the FBI, Justice Department, Uranium One, Hillary's security breaches, or all the other sometimes-unconstitutional things that happened under Obama "scandals".

What exact were they if not "scandals"? Obama had the most incompetent, crooked, corruption-prone administration of any recent president. Eight wasted years of not moving the country forward. But I guess facts don't matter when you're an anti-Trumper suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). But hey, thanks Rick for exposing yourself as a member of the anti-Trump media. Glad to see you media guys never miss a chance to take a shot at Trump, even when the story has nothing to do with him. I'm sure your next piece will also contain some type of negative Trump "news." Can't wait.

Chuck McGee


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They do not listen! They are BLINDED by ORANGE up here.

Alan Moon

So we have a conservative calling out a liberal for saying something stupid and ends with "that's interesting, tell me more." And here is the deranged liberal claiming that he is smart and you are stupid so shut up. This is the essence of Fascism. Vervaeka doesn't believe anything until he sees it on CNN or MSNBC. Good job and carry on Chuck.


No, but Chuck was clearly fantasizing a LOT since much of what he brings up are Alex Jones fantasies, Fox News fantasies, and other things that were investigated ENDLESSLY and found to be zip, diddly, and nadda - those three words for Republican brain power. Gee Chuck - you already shown us time after time that you have zero objectivity and no ability to discern the truth, so save us the newsprint and share your garbage on Facebook.


I think a lot of conservatives were angry because we had a black president. So the Right made up stuff. Same with Hillary, they could not stand a female president. It IS racism and sexism.


You might try and do a little research and get some facts instead of erroneously peddling the racism/sexism stuff. Obama received 43% of the white vote his first run and 39% in his second run. Those numbers are at the top of the charts for Democrats as only one other candidate reached 43% and one other achieved 47% over the last fifty years. Hillary lost - get over it.

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