To The Daily Sun,

I believe we have reached a tipping point in our country, where those from both political parties are using the public as pawns in their games of hypocrisy. All for the purpose of raising a heightened fear, minus civility and common sense. Words of anger and condemnation continue daily and have left our country angry and divided.

In his most recent column entitled “Hate,” Mr. Meade exemplifies this hypocrisy by calling out Democrats who have been “blatant” in wanting to “bring down the president” and prevent “progress towards working together to solve problems,” when we witnessed the same strategy/resistance played out by Republicans during the Obama administration. Where was his outrage when conservatives were working so hard to create and exacerbate the political divisions they helped to create? With this history, I can’t understand why Meade would think politics will play out differently under the Trump administration. By continually voicing his one-sided commentary of the evils of the Democrats, Meade only perpetuates the “hate” and divide. Rather than trying to unite our country by expounding on our commonalities and actually accepting the fact that the individual beliefs of each and every person can coexist, he would rather divide us with his selective outrage and encourage political dysfunction.

“Politics, it seems to me, for years, or all too long, has been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong.” — Richard Armour, American poet and author.

It’s unfortunate that Mr. Meade finds offense when I suggest alternative views and prospective on what I feel are his obvious slanted, partisan political commentary. It is my attempt to offer readers an opposing view point and not, as Mr. Meade suggests, to “attack his character.”

How do we open up a prospect of liberty and justice for all? Only if we the people, are committed to the flourishing of all, can we rebuild America the indivisible.

I hold a strong belief that our nation will overcome this divisive period in our history. That we can overcome this you-or-me mentality and adopt a perspective of a you-and-me nation.

Robert Miller


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Alan Moon

Do you mean the time when Republicans convened a special prosecutor to investigate Obama's involvement with the Fast and Furious gun walking scandal? or the two year investigation of the Benghazi Debacle? Or when Republicans threatened to impeach Obama for secretly giving Iran $150 billion dollars? Neither do I because the republicans never did that. No comparison between the two.


😂 love it!

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