To The Daily Sun,

I have one question. Are the white people in New Hampshire racists because they did not vote for Eddie Edwards? Democrats have stated that white people were racist in Florida and Georgia because they did not elect Andrew Gillum and Stacey Abrams, respectively.

I am a white veteran who supported and voted for Eddie Edwards. I also lived in Florida for 21-years. Was I a racist in Florida, a Southern state, but not in New Hampshire, a northern state?

Totally ridiculous, I am sick of Democrats calling hard working Americans racist just because they do not vote for Democrats. Enough said, Trump in 2020.

Jim Mayotte


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Actually Jim I apologize for my last on-line comment. To be honest, it was a not appropriate to call you or the president a racist, egotistical and vile maybe. I'm glad that the race between Edwards and Pappas was about policyvwithout any mention of race. However it does seem like when a black Democrat runs down south for office, the white republican candidate makes a comment that " throws shade " at the other candidates 'race (ie called Gillum a monkey, etc.


No Jim voting for or against a black republican doesn't make you racist. Supporting our vile racist egotistical president makes you one.


Yes you are......


Get a life

Alan Moon

I was wondering the same thing Jim. I guess we're just racists if we don't vote for black democrats.

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