To The Daily Sun,

The saddest thing about this government shutdown is that the $5 billion dollars that have been requested for Trump's wall are maybe 10 percent of what it will actually cost. It's not enough. It will never BE enough. And it's not worth what it is doing to our federal workers.

Civil and structural engineers have weighed in on The Wall — and they are not kind to the president. The first thing to know is that there has yet to be any actual design. There is no plan. No blueprint. There have been no new segments of The Wall built since he became president. And while his incredulous assertion that he NEVER said that "Mexico will pay for the Wall" is just ridiculous (there is overwhelming evidence that he has said EXACTLY that), the reality is that an actual wall from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico will cost north of $50 billion, and would take decades to build.

Not only is it not feasible from a structural standpoint, it isn't feasible from an ecological perspective, either. Not that any Republicans in Washington seem to care an iota about the environment. It will dramatically harm wildlife, and it would create serious flooding and erosion issues that would undermine the Wall itself, while destroying the terrain around it.

Do we need a solid southern border that can be maintained and protected? Yes. But we have the technology of the most amazing country on the planet at our disposal. Satellites, drones, sensors, etc... can all be used to watch a border that is not just long but incredibly diverse as far as the terrain. There are cliffs, rivers, canyons, and numerous other topological barriers that make it nigh near impossible for people to cross over. On top of that, there are people across all of our southern states prepared to fight for the land that they own. Additionally, not a single congressperson in any of the eight Congressional districts that border Mexico — Republican or Democrat — is supporting the president on this issue. Americans have already lost substantial property value from the fence that is in place since it doesn't actually sit ON the border — it sits about 50 to 100 yards north of the border. And that land south of the fence is still owned by Americans who no longer have access to it, and they are unable to sell their property because of it.

If President Obama had suggested what Trump has, he would have been skewered, undermined, questioned, and assailed for all of the above issues. Yet Republicans will surely doubt everything I've pointed out with heads firmly ensconced in their nether regions. And in the meantime, illegal immigration is at its lowest point in almost 20 years, as it dropped the entire time President Obama was in office and — like the economy — President Trump has inherited something already doing well and it continues to do so. Most drugs come into the United States via our major ports (see fentanyl in Philadelphia), like terror suspects are primarily caught at major airports.

It's well past time for our federal employees — FBI, TSA, Secret Service, FBI, and Coast Guard — to get the paychecks they count on, and well past time for Donald Trump to stop trying to sell us bald-faced lies on national television. Are some of you gullible? You sure as heck are. But not the rest of us.

Alan Vervaeke


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Common Sense

5 billion is a drop in the bucket, it is true. And most of the wall design would need to be proceeded by years of studies and engineering design that would literally cost hundreds of millions of dollars. So no, you cant have your wall King Trump.


I, too, did some research for a letter on this and Alan hit the bullseye

Alan Moon

As a matter of fact, Obama DID call for a physical wall when he was president as did Schumer and Pelosi, but you probably have not seen the videos that have been playing on Fox news for the past 3 weeks. In all of the endless discussion no one has suggested anywhere close to 50 billion. How are drones going to stop anyone? Build the wall!


Sure he did, Moonman


Great letter !

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