To The Daily Sun,

Opinions are like noses — everybody has one. How much weight one's opinion carries, however, varies with the individual. You can usually tell when someone runs out of ideas when they tell you that you are stupid so shut up.

I did reach out to Alan Vervaeke privately to talk about firearms and firearm laws, since he claims to be an expert on such. He was cordial enough, even after he said those unkind things about me. As a long time established "gun guy," it didn't take long for me to determine that he is not prepared nor is he qualified to have an intelligent conversation on those subjects.

Feelings and emotions are a poor substitute for critical thinking and constitutional principals. But fire away Mr. V, and let The Daily Sun readers make up their own minds.

Alan Moon


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Alan Moon

OK spellchecker. I'm stupid and I should shut up. Very original.


That was a conversation between you 2, not the paper. Yet, you could not wait to blab it like a 16 year old girl. All you were doing was trying to prove your one sided view and try to make another writer look bad was all. That to me is kind of sad. I would have thought you would have acted more mature was all, guess not. I don’t like gun because they make me nervous. I was thinking of taking lessons. But, if this is how an instructor acts, I’m good. I’ll stick to mace and my new stun gun. I don’t need a gun to feel safe or better about myself at all. Best to you.


And this is why no one likes you. Your an angry old man. You just had to have the last day like a child on a private conversation no less. Very mature Alan.

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