To The Daily Sun,

How many of you remember Ray Burton? Do you recall how he was interested in all things having to do with his district? In November we'll have a chance to elect a councilor who will follow Ray's example.

On Election Day on November 6, we will be asked to choose an executive councilor for the First District's 108 towns, 4 cities and 23 unincorporated areas. Our present councilor has made little effort to let us know who he is or what his goals are. Mention his name and see if anyone recognizes it. Joe Kenney has no election website, nor Facebook or Twitter election site. It's almost as though he's not interested in being re-elected!

Mike Cryans, on the other hand, has a website that clearly defines his goals. Mike has also been on the road for months meeting with voters. With his 19 years as Grafton County commissioner, he had contact with many of the voters in the southern part of the district and knows local issues well.

Mike will work to provide the means to stem the tide of addiction. He will work to see our public schools adequately funded. He will work to put more funding into infrastructure to bring the roads up to good condition and keep our bridges repaired. He will also work to increase broadband. How, he asks, can the businesses thrive if the roads aren't in good shape and the computer connections are poor or simply not there?

We don't hear much about this important public office. It approves state contracts, confirms judges and commissioners, oversees the highway 10 Year Plan and many other critical duties. Mike Cryans, born in Littleton, former teacher, and banker is the person to elect to this important office.

I hope you'll join me in voting for Mike, a person of outstanding capabilities and reputation, on November 6.

Fran Taylor


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