To The Daily Sun,

It has been laughable hearing non-experts and the rabid left complain about President Trump finally getting America into the great international game of tariffs.

As background, I own and manage an international environmental technology corporation, FESI, that supplies patented FESI-BOND® hazardous waste stabilization chemicals and patented stabilization technologies worldwide. Heavy metal bearing and leachable wastes generated worldwide, such as lead paint and industrial and commercial wastes, are regulated and require on-site treatment with FESI-BOND® in order to avoid expensive off-site hazardous waste landfill fees.

FESI produces and distributes bulk FESI-BOND® stabilizer chemical at its FESI Shanghai China facility and also distributes FESI-BOND® bulk commodity stabilizers worldwide. FESI has routinely been burdened with tariffs and fees from China, India, and other countries, all except USA. As an example, China imposed a 200% export tariff on FESI-BOND® stabilizers produced in China in 2007-2009, which almost shut down the FESI Shanghai facility with 320 workers.

Even a fool with one eye and limited reasoning skills, would see that China has rebuilt its mainland infrastructure with monies collected from decades of product tariffs … mostly borne by the U.S. citizen in taxes, fees, and product costs. If the rabid left and biased media would stop behaving as ignorant children for a moment and open both eyes to the facts, they would see that President Trump has pulled up a seat for America at the game that it should have mastered decades ago.

I am not surprised that the politicians and government employees within the beltway object to Trump managing America as a business, as they profit the most when the taxpayers are the least informed.

As a professional engineer, inventor, and small business owner, my world works best when it incorporates foundations taught to me generations ago and in short supply today … truth, fairness, kindness, and integrity.

Keith Forrester


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[yawn] evidently Forester has not actually read what actual experts are saying about Trump's tariffs. Owning a successful business is not the same as being a trained economist . In other words, Forester is a non-expert, too. I will write a thorough rebuttal to your letter soon.

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