To The Daily Sun,

There is a lot to do about this battle on Roller Coaster Road in Laconia lately. So allow me to ask if ANY of you actually live near this lot? Do you drive by it daily? Have you seen it with your own eyes? Just curious about where all your "facts" are coming from. Hopefully, it’s not just this paper and some of the cheerleaders writing in.

I have driven by that property numerous times and I can assure you — it IS an eye sore. The owner reminds me a lot of an uncle I had, always taking stuff to “fix and sell,” but he just never did. He’d taken in boats and cars for parts … and then never using anything. He had the best intentions, but lacked the motivation. He was also called out for it by his neighbors — at first. Then the town stepped in and he had to remove most of the "junk" or he, too, would have been fined daily. He complained, but he did what was best in the end. He was harmless, but clearly a hoarder.

Nothing on that Roller Coaster property is being used as "art" and his property is not a museum — it IS a residential area and I’m sure he is not zoned for such a collection of oddities gathered on his front lawn. The city of Laconia is not being unreasonable, however I agree that the fees/fines they are trying to assess against the homeowner are ludicrous. It may be his home that he pays for, but every town has rules and regulations put in place for specific reasons. They are for all to follow — not just a few.

I am also curious about environmental and safety hazards on the property, more than just the "look" of it. Are those cars properly drained of gas and/or oil? Are batteries being stored correctly or are they leaking? Can those sailboats be tipped off their racks easily? Are there refrigerators or freezers with the doors removed so no one can get locked in? Are there old AC units laying around? You can’t see everything by just driving by, but I’m sure there is more behind the curtains, if you will.

I’m sure he is a very nice man and I do hope this gets sorted out reasonably and quickly for all involved. But just remember, there are always two sides to every story and I will wait to hear them both. The New Hampshire motto is "Live Free or Die." not "Live Free and Die." although I have heard both overused lately.

“Every right implies a responsibility; Every opportunity an obligation, Every possession a duty.” — John D. Rockefeller.

Denise C Burke


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