To The Daily Sun,

I agree with Mr. Jenket of Moultonborough, we must look at our countries “results” under Trump’s presidency. First, we now have close to a trillion-dollar federal deficit resulting from the lauded “tax cuts and jobs acts” bill that Mr. Jenket discusses in his letter. Most economists now admit that that the fiscal stimulus from this bill will be short lived (as I am writing this some of the reporting on current economic data, such as decreased housing starts and increased job claims indicate that the United States economy is slowing) but it will affect my children and grandchildren’s finances when they will eventually are left to pay for it.

Bruce, you also didn’t mention the record number of people killed, and property damaged by the recent weather-related events (hurricanes, fires, droughts, etc.) which, as most scientist’s report, is being exacerbated by climate change; a situation that is being made worse by our climate-change-denier president. Also, as a result under Trump, last month there was one of the worse synagogues shooting in recent American history as our president lends a voice to these hate groups; he would rather receive funding from the NRA than propose common sense gun control measures.

Another result under his presidency, it was just announced that there is a recent fall in the life expectancy for the average Amercian citizen. Many psychologists believe this is happening because of a record number of suicides and drug overdoses. Many young people are feeling hopeless in our society as they see the rich, such as Trump and his associates, become more powerful, while our most vulnerable citizens remain impoverished.  

In your letter, Mr. Jenket, you also discuss the WFPR (Work Force Participation Rate) under Trump. In fact, if you look at the numbers, Is hasn’t really changed much in over 50 years. However, if Republicans cut funding for the Social Security and Medicare programs (as many have proposed), you will see the WFPR rise, as many 80 and 90-year olds start working (Walmart and Dunkin' are still hiring, as well as many farmers that don’t have enough migrant workers to pick their crops).

Fortunately, Bruce, there have been some positive results because of American’s rejection of this hateful president. For example, last month there was a record voter turnout for a midterm election which resulted in the election of a record number of a diversity of congressional candidates.

Furthermore, there have been a result of 25 indictments (and counting) by special counsel Bob Mueller because Trump and his associates believed that they could get away with money laundering and trying to steal an Amercian election with outside influence.

So, Mr. Jenket, your liberal friend shouldn’t be upset because of Trump’s tweets or that he “doesn’t appear presidential.” As many psychiatrists are reporting, these are just symptoms of Trump’s narcissistic personality. It’s his behavior and policies related to his personality that are trying to destroy America’s most sacred democratic institutions (the right to a free press, the right of an independent judiciary, the right for fair elections without voter suppression or foreign interference.). Even though Trump’s policies are really intended to increase his own power and wealth, in the long run these policies would ultimately lead to America’s financial and social ruin if they are left unchecked (we should all be thankful that now with a Democratic congress they won’t be).

One last point. Mr. Jenket: When I start seeing Trump show love to his political opponents instead of promoting to “lock them up” (as well as” showing love” to immigrants escaping oppression from their countries, just las my ancestors did), I will respond to start showing love to his supporters.

Mark Weinreb


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Alan Moon

Where do you get this garbage? You are as wrong as any other kind of bigot. Hate will eat out your heart.


Where does he get it from? U must be joking! You do read , as you suggested I do..or watch TV or talk to people. Where does he get it-right from the orange horses mouth.

Common Sense

Painting those who disagree with this administration as hate-filled, violent and unpatriotic is the now widely-used gas lighting technique made famous by the president himself. it's useless, adds nothing to the conversation, and makes you look lazy. you're attempting to marginalize your opponents by calling them crazy, when in fact, the president is really the crazy one.



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