To The Daily Sun,

In the midst of our continuing partisan political war, Congress is marching toward its most important Constitutional duty: impeachment and removal of the President. The sole focus of the process seems to be two votes to be taken, one in the House and one in the Senate, and the tilting of political capital. Those will be critical votes.

But there is another product of the process that is consequential, the Truth! Truth should inform the impeachment process. Truth should inform voters’ decisions in the 2020 elections. And yet, Congressional Democrats resist issuing subpoenas and relying on the courts to compel testimony because of the political calendar, though such testimony might provide important information. Congressional Republicans attack the process and act in concert with the White House, all the while giving scant regard for developing and testing facts and opinions. And at the direction of the President, the Administration refuses to supply any documents or individuals requested for testimony.

Are the actions of Congress and of the White House really designed to provide the Truth as the basis for the impeachment process or the voters in 2020? Regrettably, Aeschylus’ insight from 2,500 years ago still rings true, “In war, truth is the first casualty.”

Eric Herr


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