To The Daily Sun,

There was a wall dividing a country for 28 years, a "Wall of Shame." I grew up in Germany, just west of that wall. In the long run, that wall did not work, but it inflicted harm on countless numbers of people.

President Trump's insistence on a wall on the Mexican border would be another "Wall of Shame". In the long run, it will not work either. Remaining forever will be another dark, inhuman stain in the history of the United States of America.

Gisela Behrendt Estes


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Common Sense

and it will be a waste of easily 300 billion dollars when all said and done.

Alan Moon

so you know masreofcommonsense, the editors don't work on weekends so posted remarks won't show up until Monday. Don't give up! of course, no one was getting shot for trying to sneak into east Germany, only for trying to escape communism.


I posted a reply a couple of hours ago,and of course, the liberal editor / moderator
of this forum,deletes all things that are not uber liberal. Yup, that you.....who will
now delete this one also. Sad newspaper this is.


Not a fair comparison. Berlin wall was to keep people IN, who want to leave.
Boarder wall is to keep people OUT, that we don't want in improperly.


Wonderful letter and well thought out.




Danke Gisele. You are absolutely correct.


There's a significant difference here - The Berlin Wall was meant to keep people in. Trump's wall wants to keep criminals and drug dealers out.

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