To The Daily Sun,

Many letter writers to the Sun truly believe that Mr. Trump has done wonderful, fantastic, and incredible “things” for the overall population of this nation. Say what?

Let’s list some of Trump’s accomplishments and the direct consequences of his tenure thus far:

• Huge tax decreases for the millionaires and billionaires, you betcha.

• A strong economy (thank you, President Obama, for laying the solid foundation and doing the intense work which your administration passed on to Trump’s administration).

• ISIS is in point of fact diminished, but by no means completely eradicated.

• Trump’s tariffs and trade wars — a detriment to a majority of our population.

• Cutting programs, services and budgetary monies for the middle and poor class — well, yeah.

• Cutting huge amount of funding to the Department of Education —detrimental to very tax-poor communities who don’t have the cushion of a high real estate tax base.

• Threatening to demolish The Affordable Care Act which would leave millions upon millions of people without any health coverage.

• Families seeking asylum from abject poverty, violence, and death maligned, ridiculed, and treated worse than animals!

• Outright lies or misleading statements by Mr. Trump since he took the oath of office — more than 10,000 and counting. Misstatements and lies, which are easily debunked and disproved.

• Threatening to shut down the southern border with Mexico would throw the U.S. economy into pure chaos.

• Treating the people of Puerto Rico (who are U.S. citizens) as pariahs to be despised for their misfortune from a natural disaster. Trump’s Katrina!

• The promised fantastic infrastructure plan — MIA!

Those who still support Trump conveniently forget, conveniently ignore, or refuse to admit the fact that a vast amount of Democrats won elections at the local, city, state, and federal levels in the 2018 midterms. The fact of the matter is that almost nine million more people voted in that midterm. A fact that cannot be denied, distorted, downplayed. The 2018 midterm election victory broke records for the highest turnout other than any other presidential election. We can guarantee that this success will be repeated on a much larger scale in the next presidential election.

If nothing else, Mr. Trump is consistent. Spending a huge amount of time governing by tweet which for the most part are insulting, incoherent, inarticulate, inconsistent, and incendiary screeds.

Welcoming subterfuge, discord, and dissension on a daily basis. Trump’s impulsivity and mercurial temperament are most unsettling, certainly not a quality we want in a world leader. His job is to bring this country together for the common good. A direct result of Trump’s tenure thus far: hatred of the other, suspicion of the other and deep division abound. Sigh.

Bernadette Loesch


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