To The Daily Sun,

The Sun headline on Sept. 7 stated, in part, “Lakes Region Turns Out for Former VP” (Biden); how large was the turnout? The article that follows fails to state an estimated headcount. The same is true for the Wolefboro audiences for Senators Warren and Sanders the same week that President Trump spoke in Manchester. What were the totals for those senators?

President Trump’s Manchester visit stated he spoke to an audience of 11,000 and those who tried to attend have reported thousands others were not able to gain entry. Attendance is a barometer of voter interest in and support for a candidate. It is not the same as lawn signs that seem to be ignored more and more by voters.

Even nationally televised town meetings for Democratic Presidential wannabees show crowds nowhere approaching those for President Trump wherever and whenever he speaks on the campaign trail. It would be great to have attendance estimates reported by national and local “news” reporters. Headlines can be and many times are misleading.

Another means of reporting “false news?” Perhaps. But readers (and viewers) should know all the facts.

Jim Raschilla

Alton Bay

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