To The Daily Sun,

We recently remembered what happened on Sept. 11 and mourned the countless lives lost on that terrible day. We should not forget the needless loss of lives in Benghazi during the Clinton era. Now we are wondering why the same mistakes are being made. Do politicians and even Joe Biden never learn from past mistakes?

Since Joe Biden took office he has divided the people of this country as never before, even during the Civil War. Did we win the war in Afghanistan? No, Joe Biden pulled out leaving Americans and allies stranded. Millions of dollars worth of equipment and munitions were abandoned, left behind for the Taliban to use against us or anyone they choose. He has not only given the enemy the upper hand in Afghanistan, he is now trying to spend the country into socialism.

Everyone with half a brain knows you cannot spend money, or anyone's, that you do not have. Obviously Joe Biden is missing that half, inflation is not going to happen, it is! Prices are going up. Do you have as much money to spend this year as last year? No! That is probably because Joe Biden is pushing to spend $3.5 trillion to build, what? Roads to nowhere, bridges over dry creeks for his loyal fellow democrats.

If Joe Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris were not in the White House there would be no open border for the millions of migrants coming to the U.S. for freedom, for smugglers to sell their drugs, even human beings for slavery, other migrants looking for all the "free" medical, education, housing, food, etc. Do not fool yourself Joe Biden, they are not coming because they love you as you said. Big question, why are you and Vice President Harris afraid to visit the border? 

Your administration provokes more questions than answers. For instance, what is your son up to with China?

Theresa Gebhard


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Alan Moon

January 20th, 2021 Joe Biden was inaugurated and gasoline was $1.89 a gallon.

October 11th, 2021, eight months later, gasoline is $3.05. Thanks Democrats!

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