To The Daily Sun,

I voted because of and as a result of the following:

1) Christine Blasey-Ford

2) Pipe Bombs

3) Gun Violence

4) Trump’s Thousands of Lies


6) Deaths From Gun Violence

7) Refugees Seeking Asylum

8) Families Separated at our Border

9) The Trillion Dollar Tax Cut for the Wealthy

10) Against Flake, Graham, Grassley, Kennedy, Mike Lee, and Collins

11) Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum

12) Against McConnell and Ryan

13) All of the protest marches which have been ignored or downplayed by the Trump White House with the exception of the racists neo-Nazi’s who marched and killed in Charlottesville, VA

14) Rush, Sean, Laura, Tucker and other faux news commentators

15) LGBTQ Rights

16) Steve King (R-IA)

17) Climate Change and Pollution

18) The Affordable Care Act (pre-existing conditions)

19) Stagnant Wages

20) Trump’s constant mantra of sowing the seeds of hatred

21) Ruling by Tweets

22) The Wall instead of Bridges

23) NATO

24) Sh*thole Countries

25) Golf

26) Alternate Facts

27) Giuliani, Conway, Huckabee-Sanders, Miller, Kelly, Sekulow

28) End the Rubber Stamp Congress

29) Absence of Checks and Balances

30) End the Corruption in Government

31) Enforce the Emoluments Clause

32) Ever Deteriorating Infrastructure

33) 66 political rallies but zero visits to our front-line troops

Bernadette Loesch


(3) comments


Poor job. Just liberal one sided talking points without any foundation.Typical
as usual BL stuff.


They were her points to make and I thought they were good ones. At least she voted.


Good job.....😊

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