To The Daily Sun,

Once again Scott Cracraft is taking plenty of well-deserved heat for his characterization of conservatives as bullies. It is classic projection by this leftist to accuse his political opponents of doing what he and his colleagues are doing. Or perhaps he expects he can convince readers that BLM and ANTIFA are not leftist terrorist groups?

Well they are, and Scott’s “look I’m a victim” attitude doesn’t change that fact. Conservatives look at facts, cause and effect, to come to conclusions where the left always, or nearly always relies on unfounded accusations, rumors or smears as weapons to attack their political opponents.

Face it, Scoff recites socialist dogma, calls names and ignores facts over and over in his columns and expects to be taken seriously. Several letters here over the past week have clearly exposed Scott as unreliable and biased. My favorite letter was from Mark “Scooter” Ahlers from Murray Hill, N.Y. ( Well said, Mr. Ahlers.)

Frank Weeks proves once again he has no knowledge of, or intention of informing himself of the facts regarding the threats from political Islam. While trying to debate facts that I presented here in a previous letter(s) regarding the number of deaths and injuries resulting from Islamic terrorist attacks, Frank sites U.S. gun deaths. Our gun deaths are unrelated to Islamic terrorism because these are criminal in nature, not political. Frank might just as well bring up car accidents and air plane crashes. He has no viable answers or excuses why we should not be concerned by rogue religious zealots their supporters or excuses. The left’s narrative that it is only a tiny minority is codswallop. The average estimate of the world’s intelligence agency’s is 20 percent +/- about 4 percent. That’s about 320,000,000, or the population of the U.S.

As for white supremacists, or the new term being floated, white nationalists, I stand by my former statements that they represent little or no real threat, as they are so few. Not withstanding the recent attack in New Zealand, bad as that was. So really Frank’s reaching for arguments far exceeds his grasp of the issue.

As I mentioned above, the left is trying out a new term, “white nationalist.” The reason for this new term is because the old term, “racist,” was so overused for so long, no one is intimidated by it any more. They need a new weapon to hammer their opponents with to intimidate them into silence. Their problem here is the term white. When you identify all whites, as this does, intended or not, as some kind of evil s.o.b., the term becomes meaningless, as everyone knows not all — in fact few — are. But don’t worry, the left will find some way of insulting reason and logic before long. They have to; after all, they have nothing else to offer in 2020 except hate, nonsense, waste and corruption.

Steve Earle


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