To The Daily Sun,

OBVIOUSLY, I support the law about snow-removal from automobiles! And OBVIOUSLY, I know that the law may save lives! My criticism was not of the law, but of its inconsistent, unequal, arbitrary enforcement — as seemingly approved by the "Sun" in its front page photograph and caption describing police "rendering education as much or more than summonses!" I cited my personal experience of getting harsh punishment — contrary to the NON-punishment apparently benefitting some who encountered different cops.

A couple of your readers who self-righteously and wrongly insinuated that I'm against the law itself simply didn't read what I wrote! Surely, arbitrary law-enforcement by whimsical police is an issue we should pay attention to!

Richard Davis


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You OBVIOUSLY did not clear the snow from your car even tho you OBVIOUSLY support doing so


Dear Mr. Davis - to quote one of your letters from last October, "Ignorance of or indifference to " the law is no reason for then to go easy on you simply because you're aged. Clearing snow off of cars has been common sense since you started driving 60+ years ago. It is the law in many States whether it's actively enforced or not. Now if we could just get the police to ticket those who love to blow thru stop signs and red lights, we'd all be much safer. Finally, if you're unable to clear of your car because of your age and condition, perhaps you and the rest of us would be better off if you asked for a ride instead.

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