To The Daily Sun,

I have been an employee of the Taylor Community for the last four years. During my time in this community, I have witnessed restructure and growth. But most important I have seen a vibrant energy blossom because several people including Michael Flaherty and Susan Denopoulos allowed the Wellness and Activities Departments to listen to residents and produce programs and activities that created Life, Laughter and Forever memories. Thank you leadership.

To my fellow Taylor Employees, never stop taking care of your bodies and never stop learning or living! Thank you for sharing your stories and for being open to fun!

To the Fitness and Aquatic center members, thank you for the laughs, memories and support. I will miss your faces.

To all the people at home who joined us on Channel 25 — fitnessmade4youTV. Please keep pushing yourselves to move a little more. Your worth it! (Thank you to the station, our camera men and residents who participated.)

To the Taylor Community Residents, thank you for leaving an imprint on my world. You have inspired me to be better and stronger! Thank you so much for the going-away party, yummy treats and heartfelt cards. Thank you Brenda Kean and Heather Joubert for organizing the event.

I will miss you all so very much.

My final wishes ... may you always seek joy in the simplest acts. May the four Amigos continue to lead pub nights and fire pit socials. May you ride a camel at 94, zipline at 92 or do Aerial Yoga at 85. No matter what your age, a dream is a vision with potential to bring joy. Get off that couch and get living :).

Thank you Taylor for all you have given me. Till we meet again my friends. Be good to each other.

Tammy Levesque


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