To The Daily Sun,

In reading Ms. Lacowicz’s letter regarding the hardship her student debts stemming from a master’s degree in museum studies have caused her and how Elizabeth Warren is the solution, I couldn’t help be taken aback by how utterly cliché and entitled Ms. Lakowicz is. She completely personifies the classic whining millennial who has student debt they can’t repay because their degree isn’t marketable.

How much money did she think she was going to earn as a curator of a small local history museum? Did she think she would immediately become chairman of the Smithsonian upon graduation? Ms. Lakowicz took out loans to go into what she should have realized to be an unlucrative profession, and now expects to have everyone else’s taxes raised to forgive her financial mismanagement.

A safe home, decent healthcare, and steady job isn’t a pipe dream; millions of people have all of these things because they went into careers that enabled them to afford them. Simply put, society isn’t responsible for her student debt, she is. Personal responsibility, not Elizabeth Warren, is the solution to student debt problems.

Alexander Smeaton


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