To The Daily Sun,

I read Elliot Finn’s letter on May 10 with a bit of amusement. I get that context can really throw your story out the door, if you support the current administration.

Some missing "context" from Mr. Finn’s letter: The affair happened in 2006, when Melania was home supervising her child’s first few months. Stormy Daniels was repeatedly contacted by the other party in the "affair." She turned him down, several of her friends say they were present when these phone calls were received. He pursued her, all the while also having "affairs" with at least two Playboy bunnies. I’m sure teenage boys and Republicans think that is just peachy. But what President Clinton did was just beyond the pale. Anyway, the Stormy "affair" ended and she moved on with her life.

Along comes 2016. How the deal came to be is irrelevant, at some point Ms. Daniels hires a lawyer; I am uncertain as to the details of how that came to be, but what eventually came out about it tells it’s own story. In emails obtained by Ms. Daniels current attorney, her former attorney was in touch with Mr. Cohen. Nothing wrong with that on it’s face, it’s what is supposed to happen. But, the content of the emails make it clear her lawyer was actually more of one of Mr. Cohen’s associates. So, context missing from Mr. Finn’s letter, the "affair" ended in 2006, the deal was made in 2016, completed in October, just days before a major event in our political process. Huh!

Now, I agree with Mr. Finn, the guy can sleep with whoever he likes. That isn’t the issue here though. And by the way, the $130,000 has been put in escrow until this issue is settled, and may be returned to Mr. Cohen. It’s not looking good for Mr. Cohen and his client. And while I’ve never seen Ms. Daniels movies, she not only acts, she also writes and directs these movies. And even though it’s not my cup of tea, I do know that to write, direct, and act in any movie is not accomplished by a dummy. As more and more evidence of Mr. Cohen’s contacts leading up to and after the November 2016 disaster come to light, it’s going to tell yet another story.

So to sum it up, the shady deal, where Mr. Cohen’s client, a "Mr. Dennison," failed to sign the deal, is open to debate as to which party "broke" the deal. Ms. Daniels decided she wanted to tell her story. For which I will be forever grateful to her. But for some reason, "Mr. Dennison" didn’t worry about his wife’s feelings until the summer of 2016. I wonder why? As the current administration leads from behind and stumbles onto some minor victories, the man pretending to be "Mr. Dennison" and president will be regretting hiring the "best" as represented by Mr. Cohen.

Marty Valengavich.


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