To The Daily Sun,

In the Tuesday, June 1 edition of your newspaper you published a letter by Jim Mayotte. In that letter he articulated ideas regarding Democrats and their economic policies. In his fifth paragraph he made a reference to "Pocahantas." He chose, rather than refer to Senator Elizabeth Warren by her name, to use the racist, nickname that some in our country continue to disrespectfully use. Having been a reader of your paper for years, I don't really expect much else to come out of letters by Jim Mayotte; my concern and mildly baffled incredulous was that your editors chose to place the letter directly above the box that contains the Sun's "Letters Policy." This was also not the first time that a letter violating your "Letters Policy" has appeared in your newspaper. I guess I don't think it is likely that Jim Mayotte will apologize for his "name-calling," but if the Sun is serious about its letters policy, a published statement directly addressing and apologizing for this latest lapse would be appropriate.

Steven Behrsing


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omg snowflakes it's not even a racist term. Warren is the one who frauded people by claiming to be a native american. Get a life babies.


Omg snowflake, it's not even a racist term! It's considered to be a racist term by most Native Americans who have given their opinion on the subject. So, it's not racist according to who? Get a life...

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