To The Daily Sun,

I remember back in 1965, having arrived back home from my military service, I had around $400 and I was convinced the British government would bail out the Rolls Royce company, who's stock had crashed to around $0.98 a share. My father convinced me I would lose every penny if I bought stock in the stock market. I didn't and about two weeks later Britain bailed out Rolls and its stock soared to $104.+/- a share. I would have made around $40,000, big bucks back then for a poor kid. Looking back I can say I should have done that. Perfect 20/20 hindsight.

This is what Dems are doing now; looking back, Trump should have done this, not that. Yea, but I still have not heard one single plan, then or now, on how to address/deal with this pandemic. All they are doing is complaining. Keep in mind readers, the know-it-all left would have done nothing, zero. No plan or idea then, no idea or plan now. So what plans do they have? 1. Raise your taxes: they promised and they will; they always do; when have they ever not? 2. Kiss and make up with China: make China rich; make themselves rich; but you and I, never mind, we don't count. 3. Kiss free speech goodbye, along with most of the rest of your rights, Constitution be darned. 4.Innocent until proven guilty need only apply to them, not you or me. 5. FBI and Justice Department will serve their agenda not truth or justice. This is how secret police work in totalitarian countries. Want that here?

How do we know? By their own words and actions. It's other people they want to "take care of," not American citizens, not our laws, Constitution, our jobs. They use the pandemic like a club to attack politically and advance their causes. They release violent criminals from prisons. Critical businesses are legal: pot shops, liquor stores and abortion clinics but gun shops, other elective surgeries and medical treatments, not so much. Funny how those things just happen to fall for or against their political narratives where they control the local governments.

Bruce Jenket asks the left why they keep listening to the deceitful medias they follow? Never a rational answer comes back only name calling and false accusations, if anything. They can't defend it, they have to know it lies or they have the shortest attention spans of any creatures above a clam. It's their igo's imo, just refuse to admit they have been wrong and been duped? That they accept unquestioningly what ever the MSM tells them makes my point. Some writers here in these letters are still trying to defend to Obama administration as if it wasn't both corrupt and incompetent. More laws were broken, crooked deals committed and scandals committed and covered up by them while these writers spin it around blaming Trump for doing those things they have done.

Steve Earle


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Alan Moon

Great observations Steve. Isn't it funny that after three plus years of Obama's gang trying to frame Trump for imaginary crimes, now turnabout is fair play and the light is suddenly shining right back at them. A conspiracy they cry! How dare he waste our time with conspiracy theories while we are having an emergency pandemic?

Trump tried to warn us about it during the State of the Union speech, but the democRATS were too busy with impeachment , Pelosi ripped it up.

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