To The Daily Sun,

In response to Mr. E Scott Cracraft's July 10 column:

Mr. Cracraft seems to be boot step in line with the far left's resist movement. His analogy of the Trump presidency to Hitler and other brutal dictatorships is offensive and divisive, like all the race baiting he far left has been doing over the last several months since the 2016 election. To compare the Trump presidency to fascism is laughable. Fascism and anarchism is what the Wall Street and G8 protesters and the Black Lives Matter movements are trying to push. They want no government or laws, just socialized life where they get hand outs, do not have to work, and sit around the campfire smoking weed and singing Kumbya.

The previous eight years of Obama had the county moving toward a socialist republic and full speed toward disaster. It will take the full eight years or more to reverse the damage done by Obama.

Mr. Cracraft is an educator, thus he likes socialism that gives everyone things for free. . . except free thought. Like we have seen in recent years, the educators of the higher education system want to suppress free speech and thought that is not in line with their own agendas. Like Congress, they are fully content with their 6-8 month jobs and lifelong union pensions. Trump is the new breed of government, free speech, ideas, and drain the swamp at every possible turn. (GTD — Get Things Done!) Most on the left and some of the right do not like his communication style or vocabulary. Well, tough! We the people (not the deep state, political establishment, Hollyweird, or the educators) voted him in and will again in 2020.

Be forewarned, come 2020 the N.H. landscape in the Senate and House will turn GOP red as we vote out the Obama hugging clones. . . for those far left still in N.H., it's time to start looking to move to VT, NY or MA with your socialist views and opinions, though you are free to use, are no longer welcomed or relevant in N.H.

Mark Larocque


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Well, whether you welcome me or not, I am in NH to stay. Have you ever read the Privileges and Immunities Clause in the Constitution which gives a U.S. citizen the right to live and vote wherever he or she wants.

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