To The Daily Sun,

When it comes to Bristol’s taxes, many in our town want the government to care for them, cradle to grave, like they do in Mass. and other over-taxed nanny states. Many others enjoy living by N.H.’s motto,“Live Free or Die.” We should embrace the motto to keep our freedom from over-priced and over-powering government. If you love freedom it is worth fighting for and if you enjoy smaller government then Town Meeting (March 16, 9 a.m. at the high school) is the place you need to be this year.

Several on our Selectboard proposed a $602,000, or 13 percent, increase over last year’s budget “Total General Fund Operations” line, found two-thirds the way into the budget. At Town Meeting last year, we saved $370,000 and no one lost their job, all got raises, town roads were plowed, heat and lights stayed on and still had $102,000 they could have spent. Folks, they want the $370,000 back, plus another $232,000 more.

The U.S. rate of inflation is 1.9 percent and they want 13 percent, which is more than six times that amount. This increase of $602,000 is unreasonable and unsustainable. The Selectboard also wants $640,000 for other warrant articles. Now they want to run sewer lines to the lake area for $20,000,000. Some of this $20 million will be from grants and the rest from us in fees, usage and taxations. Taxation we ALL pay; your fee will be about $600 a year for 30 years and apply to you only if they run the lines by your property and then you have the actual usage costs.

Taxpayers, without your vote at Town Meeting this year I believe our taxes will go up. Bristol will become more and more like a Mass. town, holding your hand from cradle to grave and they will build a Utopia town with all sorts of town employees to care for you, but you may not be able to stay because your taxes are so high.

See you at Town Meeting March 16, 9 a.m. at the high school. Lastly, I will be casting my votes for Morrison and Voelbel for selectmen.

John Sellers


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