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Thoughts for today:

I see Meade and Earle both have ridiculous letters in Tuesday’s paper. Bob says that there are none so blind as those who will not see, when the reality is that there are none so blind who won’t open their eyes. Bob closed his eyes in the ’60s and has left them closed. Whereas Steve says that Democrats are responsible for a lack of morality and decency, when you all well know that he voted for the man in the office who has not only cheated on all of his wives, but also paid porn stars and centerfolds money to keep them quiet about him. As did the National Enquirer on his behalf. Hmm. I don’t recall President Obama doing anything similar. He also blames the opioid crisis on Democrats, even though the real culprit is greedy pharmaceutical companies and a Congress that has never been willing — on either side of the aisle — to place restrictions and controls on them.

Ole Bob also thought that because he was in the Pacific during nuclear tests he must be an expert. He also met Noah, so he must be an expert on floods. I worked on ICBMs for the Navy well after Bob was gone, so I think I have the upper hand on what modern nuclear war and capabilities look like. Thanks for playing, Bob! We have some nice parting gifts for you today!

The mayor of Franklin is another who reads but doesn’t comprehend. Governor Cuomo of New York was clear that America has yet to live up to its promise (and premise) of freedom and equality for all of its citizens, thus his comment of “America has never been that great.” Were his words poorly chosen? Absolutely. I cringed when I heard them. But one must go further than simply listening to sound bites before opining. Maybe the mayor should spend his time making Franklin great again. Maybe he and Ken Bowers can huddle together and confer before writing tripe, since it is the current Republican president who has openly spoken of flaying the rights offered in our Constitution and tries to diminish America.

A week ago or so Ryan Murdough wrote another of his ignorance-laden letters about how there is a plot to darken the flesh tones of New Hampshire. There are other states out there (like Vermont and Maine) even whiter than New Hampshire, but that is beside the point. The issue is that he is terrified of people of color. As he is a Republican, one must wonder about his thought on Eddie Edwards. How torn this bigot must be!

Finally, I see the signs around Gilford for a cadre of Republican candidates for the New Hampshire House and Senate. I’ll tell you this much — I do not want to pay any more taxes here, but at the same time I also do not want to see things already in place disappear. That we still allow 13-year-old girls to get married in this state is directly attributable to Republicans who blocked passage of a bill to raise that age. Free Staters who want to devolve state government will never get my vote. Neither will middle-aged men who post photos of themselves holding semi-automatic assault-style weapons on Facebook. Clearly, some people lack the common sense and decorum required for office — even here. I want someone with the sense and the sensibilities to represent ALL people from this town or this district or this state and not just Republicans or Democrats. Remember that the largest group of voters in New Hampshire is not aligned with any major party. We need people who are willing to cross lines to achieve the best result.

Finally, my friend Tony Boutin wrote that he’d be hard-pressed to vote for someone of Bernie Sanders’ age. I have to say that at first glance I agree with him. I don’t vote for a “What If” at the Vice-President level — I vote for the Head Honcho. That being said, Donald Trump is already the oldest person (first term) elected to President (70) and Ronald Reagan was re-elected at 73. Reagan spent half of his second term face down in his oatmeal, so age is a valid concern. We need a Baby Boomer or a Generation X candidate who can (and will) relate to everyone. I’m still waiting to see who steps up. Whoever it is, I can only hope and pray that they send that orange turd blossom packing back to his golden towers.

Alan Vervaeke


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Alan Moon

So it's OK with the Editor if Vervaeka leaves a t*rd on the editorial page?


Please get a life someday

Alan Moon

Orange t**d blossom? How charming. Did you think that up all by yourself? That's democrat decorum.


For your Republican eye!!!


Rake the dolts over the coals!


What a bunch of rotten grapes.

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