To The Daily Sun,

Back in 2013, when Chris Shipp decided to run for selectman he did so not because any person had to “go” or because any particular issue going on in town was prompting him to get involved. Chris ran for selectman because he wanted to serve and give back to the town of Moultonborough. Chris was, and still is, raising his family in Moultonborough and he considers it his home town.

Back in 2013, Chris thought he could make a difference, and over the past six years, he has. Chris’ voting record speaks for itself. He has voted for initiatives for all members of the community and has advocated heavily for the citizens to come together as a community.

There are some misconceptions that Chris does not support the senior population of Moultonborough. That is simply not true. As far as voting goes, Chris has never voted against anything senior related, and on the proposed community center, it was Chris who insisted on a commercial kitchen in the design to support the Meals on Wheels program. Also as a fireman by profession, Chris conducted a class in AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) use for the senior meals program. Chris is also chairman of the Community Garden Committee, which according to the mission statement, “ a self-sustaining resource exclusively available to help our permanent or seasonal resident, especially seniors, get more involved in the community.”

There is also a misconception that for advocating for one community center, placed in the heart of the town, that is designed to house all community services for every citizen, that Chris somehow is for wild spending and for raising taxes in the town. Chris is for raising taxes when appropriate as an investment in the future of Moultonborough, and when it serves all citizens. The proposed community center, which Chris has been a proponent, does all those things. For Chris to be demonized by Chuck McGee and his proponents, for doing what he is supposed to as a selectman (representing all of the citizens of Moultonborough) is completely wrong.

I hope you will see through the jabs, insults, and mischaracterizations and join me in voting to re-elect Chris Shipp as Moultonborough selectman on Tuesday March 12, and allow to him continue to do his job representing all the citizens of Moultonborough.

Kim Johnson


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