To The Daily Sun,

I am writing this letter because of the political turmoil in New Hampshire. As we look across our country we can see political problems everywhere. The fact is that it shouldn't matter whether you are a Republican or Democrat, both should be seeking a safe quality of life.

Grafton County is served by Sheriff Doug Dutile and the Grafton County Sheriff's Department. Dutile is seeking re-election. As a native of Grafton County, and a person with over 40 years in law enforcement experience. I would hope that all responsible citizens of Grafton County would want to continue the protection we have enjoyed for over 14 years.

Sheriff Dutile is a native of Lebanon. He grew up in the Upper Valley and started his law enforcement career at Hanover Police Department. Douglas was a respected Hanover Police officer for eight years. Feeling he could be more connected to the needs of the Upper Valley, especially the Hanover, Etna, Lyme and Orford areas Douglas went to the Grafton County Sheriff's Department.

Over the years it should be noted that Douglas was never a politician, he was in fact an outstanding law enforcement officer who worked well with people from all walks of life. This in itself allowed Doug to communicate and work well with people from both sides of the political aisle.

Sheriff Dutile is respected by employees and citizens alike. Sheriff Dutile understands the sensitive needs of communities like Hanover and Plymouth, and their unique issues caused by the influx of students and vast amounts of property, both public and private.

I have worked with Sheriff Dutile in the Lebanon, Hanover area. Having served over 20 years as a chief of police, I believe that my experience and training, like graduation from the FBI National Academy, gives me some credibility in describing leadership in law enforcement. Sheriff Douglas Dutile has brought strong leadership to the Grafton County area. His experience in Hanover has given him insight and understanding to the needs of Dartmouth College and Plymouth State University.

Sheriff Dutile has a strong understand of Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital, which gives him the ability to cover security situations with all of the smaller medical facilities in the Grafton County area. It should also be noted that Sheriff Dutile is a member of the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council, the executive board that directs the New Hampshire Police Academy.

Sheriff Dutile also has the ability to give assistance to small towns with only one or two officers. He understands the need to assist communities without trying to control. This ability allows communication to flow much smoother and allows assistance to reach areas of investigation without delaying what ever emergency may be occurring.

I would like to thank the citizens of Grafton County for their support in the past and hope they will continue supporting Sheriff Doug Dutile in the future.

Russell Lary


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