To The Daily Sun,

On the Covington Catholic incident:

In his Feb. 7 letter, Mr. Bruce Jenket tried to sound like he did due diligence to find out what happened at the Lincoln Memorial that involved the Black Hebrew Israelites (BHI), the Indigenous People March (IPM), and the youth from Covington Catholic School (CCS). He failed miserably. The truth is out there, and I am not the best researcher. Why didn’t he try to find the longest available video that included the incident instead of looking for all kinds of views to pick from? A desired outcome because of MAGA hats, and searched just to support it?

On this page ( you will find a video showing the small fragment that was reported by the ENEMEDIA. This, of course is easiest to find; posted blatantly on the top of the page. Scroll nearly to the bottom to find a video with a warning about its strong language and racial content above it. THAT is the video you need to view if you want the truth — which debunks the ENEMEDIA PROPAGANDA. This recording (source material) is one hour and 46 minutes plus a little. It seems to be from someone who is with the BHI.

If Mr. Jenket had found the source material, he would have been able to tell you WHY the Black Hebrew Israelites were there. Starting right out, they were there to harass the Indigenous People March. The gist of their message “ aren’t savages, you’re people of the true god, but when you started worshiping all kinds of animals, he took your land away from you…” was not well received. The back and forth on that went on for more than half an hour. At the 37 minute mark in the source material, the BHI mentioned the “Make America Great Again hats.” The BHI swapped targets, making CCS the focus of their vile vitriol, and BHI’s language got even worse. An hour and eight minutes in, the CCS started school pep rally songs to drown out the hatred and foul language of the BHI. While BHI is announcing that we now “know who the real cave man is” (in response to the CCS rally), about the hour and 12 minute mark, you first start hearing the drummer, drumming in time to CCS rally. The source material shows that Nathan Philips walking up to the CCA youth, and getting in someone’s face — NOT the kids surrounding or disrespecting (though the BHI keeps insisting it) the drummer!

In my opinion, Mr. Philips (longtime activist), knew exactly how the ENEMEDIA would spin their propaganda. He did what he did to intimidate the youth (and was disappointed) because he wanted attention for racist reasons, and to make sure to smear someone wearing a MAGA hat.

The video here ( breaks down the source material quite thoroughly. It also breaks down all the vitriol that has been churned up against these youth.

When you want to know what happened, don’t go for all the fringe concepts, and pick one that you want to believe. Try to find the source, or something that contains it.

A. C. R. Piper


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Alan Moon

I also watched most of this recording and made the same observation. The real scandal here is how the major news outlets immediately turned the story around to portray the high school kids as the aggressors, when they were just standing there minding their own business. Why anyone still trusts CNN,NBC,CBS, I don't know.


Why anyone trust Fox Fake news is beyond us!

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