To The Daily Sun,

We need to save our bees! Have you noticed that our bee and monarch population is declining? This is of great concern to ​me. Many species of bees have been listed on the endangered species list. We need bees! Our food supply and environment is being compromised. We need monarchs too. Many of us are concerned that the use of ​the pesticide called ​glysophate which has been determined by the World Health Organization as a possible carcinogen.

If you are interested in learning about saving the bees and monarchs, promoting organic solutions, organic gardening ideas, raising awareness of the harm of pesticides and neonicotinoids, promoting food and seed sovereignty, ​and ​protecting biodiversity for our future seven generations​, then please come to the N.H. March Against Monsanto Rally - Save Our Bees and Seeds, May 19 at 10:30 a.m. at the City Plaza in Concord, right next to the Farmer's Market.

Tyler Road Lite, a local band, will kick off the rally. Experts will speak: N.H. State Representative and environmental scientist Mindi Messmer; N.H. State Representative and veteran Jim McConnell; ecologist Marty Michener, PhD; M.S. molecular biologist and M.A. archealogist, beginning beekeeper Laura Wolfer; and Sam Bower of Kearsarge Gore Farm,certified organic produce, Warner, N.H.; and lastly, messages from: N.H. beekeepers: Amy Antonucci, and Bonnie Wright, N.H. Right to Know GMO.

​There​ ​will be an free organic seed table featuring High Mowing organic seeds for our local gardeners and an organic, non-​GMO, non-perishable food drive for the ​Concord homeless shelter, the​ Mckenna House.

.​This educational rally is planned by N.H March Against Monsanto Community and co-sponsors: NH Sierra Club and N.H. Peace Action. There is a sister rally the same day led by Occupy New Hampshire Seacoast at Portsmouth Farmer's Market, 1 Junkins Avenue at 1 p.m. Local activist David Holt will be the host. The rally will have educational handouts, Leftist Marching Band and free High Mowing organic seeds.

We are part of a worldwide event where hundreds of thousands will march in solidarity. Please join this fun family event and bring your friends.

Fawn Gaudet

N.H. March Against Monsanto Community


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