To The Daily Sun,

As I ride around the Lakes region, I notice more and more Biden signs are popping up. Is it that the Biden people decided to wait till after Labor Day? Or is it that more people feel compelled to show their support for the Biden-Harris ticket because they are fed up with misinformation about COVID and constantly changing policies and advice? Despite Trump’s claim that he’s done a tremendous job handling coronavirus, over 200,000 Americans have died because we don’t have a national testing program nor a national prevention plan. Trump has scoffed at doctors’ recommendations. Yet most of us trust the plumber when we have a leak, and call a roofer when we have a roof problem. We all have expertise in something, and we’d do well to rely on experts when we’re in trouble. When Joe Biden was vice president, he had a doctor-approved virus epidemic plan. In this regard, we’re safer with Biden.

When Trump contracted coronavirus he called upon his government-funded health care, and according to him, it saved his health in record time. Meanwhile, Trump tells the American people to fear government-funded healthcare and is directing the Department of Justice to try to take it away from millions of Americans. We’re Safer with Biden.

Trump claims he’s a great commander in chief. Did he serve in the army? Did his children? Would you trust a football coach who has never played? Neither Trump nor his sons have served in the military — Biden’s late son Beau did. Biden has soldiers’ best interests in mind. We’re safer with Biden.

Trump claims he will grow the economy. We’ve only seen shrinkage so far. Biden helped oversee the expansion of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (2009). We’re safer with Biden.

Maybe the Biden signs are popping up because we all want to be safe as people and as a nation.

Ruth Nemzoff


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There is so much incorrect information in this article. Pathetic.

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