To The Daily Sun,

There's a big primary vote coming up on the 14th, and one of our very own Delegation members, school board member and State Rep is running for Mayor of Laconia, and that is my friend and colleague Dawn Johnson.

Dawn is an incredible person, colleague and friend. Dawn is also a fervent fighter when it comes to our children.

Mayor Hosmer has been a great Mayor for Laconia! I have no problem admitting that.

Unfortunately, he has failed to speak up against a very liberal school board and the extremely unpopular decisions they make.

Mayor Hosmer has had other things on his plate while proficiency levels creep lower by the year and stellar educating falls by the way side for Remote Learning and empathy training.

Do we really want a status quo mayor in our city, or do we want a fighter for our kids' education, property tax relief, and so much more?

Dawn is going to get my vote on Sept. 14 for Mayor, and I encourage all of Laconia to reject the status quo and vote for Dawn Johnson.

I hope to see everyone at the polls.

Rep. Richard Littlefield


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Dawn Johnson would be a wasted vote and not one to enhance Laconia.

I can't think of someone who would be worse for our children and community, we don't need bigots and people who peddle conspiracy garbage.

Don't waste your vote on incompetence.


I am very thankful the Laconia Schoolboard is not like Dawn Johnson who is clearly of the far right reality-denying persuasion

Alan Moon

The fact that our local democRAT machine hates Dawn Johnson is the best reason I can think of to vote for her.


Would rather vote for a clean pig!

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