To The Daily Sun,

Nickles and dimes add up to dollars, and hundreds and thousands add up to millions. We may be talking about chump change to some but for many it is the difference between January and February.

No doubt that last line went over the heads of the limousine liberals, so let me bring it down to earth. Many of our citizens actually know what a tight budget looks like; the difference between January and February is three days. A neighbor came to my door on Jan. 31 with a terrible headache, he had run out of aspirin. Thirty-one days was just a little too far for his budget in January.

“It’s ridiculous to look at a reduction of $150 here, or $200 there,” nickles and dimes, I'm wasting your time. Sorry, not sorry.

Renters often are unaware that they pay property taxes. Legislators sometimes seem to be unaware of this fact too. While landlords cut the checks to the cities and towns you can be sure that that money came from their tenants. Property taxes drive up rents, high rents lead to homelessness. The long gap between homelessness and an economical apartment is widened by every dollar added to a property tax bill. Nickles and dimes.

Those who claim to care about the poor do not demonstrate that concern. They are taking from those in need simply to make life easier in their roles in government.

Socking away $3.5 to $5 million just to have it on hand in the event it is needed is an affront to hard working citizens. While the county sits on millions in reserve, struggling citizens are trying to make it from one paycheck to the next. But I'm wasting your time.

Rep. Mike Sylvia


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Let’s talk about what Orange Doodle did to us this tax season!

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