To The Daily Sun,

Oh my gosh! Seven hundred illegals rounded up and arrested in Mississippi and the left is apoplectic. Must be the old, sick and handicapped, the way the media is portraying it, but no, most are guilty of one crime or another. Actually they are all guilty of illegal entry into the country. And, yes, it is a crime, just like in every other country in the world, and they are being deported just like in any other country in the world. Oh the horror!

Now I know most of those so called-liberals believe obeying our laws is optional and if they ever get power again, they will keep that in mind when they start passing their anti-gun confiscation laws and few if any gun owners choose to abide by them. What’s good for the goose, after all.

But I’m off topic, I was talking about illegals. Now, I can appreciate empathy for poor and those escaping evil, but the vast majority of those coming across our borders are not those. Either way, there is a proscribed process. If Dems want to change that process, they need to sit down with the Repubs and work out a new system. But we all know Dems never want to fix things; they want issues to run on. That’s why cities like Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis and ninety percent of cities run by Democrats are a mess.

Speaking of Baltimore, I see the President has been again called a racist for speaking the truth about that city and calling out a black, longtime elected congressman from that city for not doing anything to fix that problem. The left’s idea that a white person can never be critical of a black without being labeled a racist is, well, BS. And so regarding the President’s tweet that ignited the left: I challenge anyone to point out any word or phrase in it that is in any way racist or incorrect. This just goes to show how Democrats never fix anything, just talk, make empty promises, then blame others for things getting worse. When a problem is raised, they will do anything, say anything, not to address the problem.

Want some more examples? The border: Democrats made a deal with the late President Reagan to stop illegal immigration in turn for his granting those here already amnesty. He did, but the Dems reneged on their part of the deal. After all these years with those same Democrats declaring how the border must be fixed, they have never even brought up the subject in Congress, year after year after year. Not even when Obama had both houses of Congress in his hands. That, readers, is damning evidence proving the Democrats do not want what is good for people, just what’s good for them. We elect them at our and the nation’s peril.

Last letter, I berated the pro-violence being spread by the left and gave a number of examples, and since, have found another readers should be aware of. A leftist “intellectual,” Reza Aslan, is Iranian-born religious studies scholar who has authored several books about his faith and how to end religious extremism within that faith. Only problem is, in response to a tweet by Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s political adviser, writing regarding the shootings at Dayton and El Paso, he declared President Trump to be a nationalist terrorist leader. A nationalist, yes, but what should a President be, after all? U.S. presidents are elected to be just that; they have no other duty or responsibility. The rest is pure lie. But worse, Aslan prescribes that the President and all his supporters — “All of them” — should be eradicated. ERADICATED! Get real, just how does this “intellectual”get off calling for the mass murder of tens of millions of American citizens, and just who is the terrorist in this scenario? After all, there is no other way to interpret “eradicate.”

Everyone needs to understand that not only are hostile foreign nations trying to tear America apart but forces inside like ANTIFA, anarchists, communists and fundamentalist Islamist are also, and right now they are all working together to divide us.

Steve Earle


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